Building this bloodline has taken patience, money, and a persistent conscience. It has been rebuilt using my original bloodlines, some mid-western American bloodlines, and the best foreign DDB stock I could find. This combination of blood has made beautiful dogs with: sound frames, heavy bones, good skin/immunity, and charm. Our dogs have good sensibilities and predictable temperaments.

Yes, I am gratified! However glad, who can do this forever? These days, I have been dreaming of fewer Bordeaux dogs for me – and more for others. Raising animals is full-time work. It is a natural and rewarding job; sometimes emotionally tough. Even though, I could not think of myself quitting the Dogue de Bordeaux. I want more people to afford high quality, and I want to shape my bloodline with the help of others. So, I have made special deals for people who:

• would like to breed their dog; if only once
• could reasonably facilitate a litter
• need to save money, but still want the best

Professionally speaking, Mastiff prices should stay high. These high-living dogs like to eat! They might spend a little more of your money and die sooner than some breeds, but you will probably still want another one.

Candy Walls – Les Dogues de la Valleé


  • $1800 or
  • $1000 w/ puppy contract
  • health guarantee for every puppy
  • special contracts shown upon request