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I am Candy Walls. I own Les Dogues de la Valleé. This French title is inspired by the Boistfort valley, where my family has lived for over 100 years. I have raised the Dogue de Bordeaux exclusively for 25 years. Some of these years were dormant with the breeding, but I have always kept at least two dogs.

Over the years, I have sold or placed my dogs with family and friends in my area to keep my bloodlines within reach. These dogs are my family too. Presently, my bloodline is based with descendants of my original dogs, with a bit of mid-western-American Bordeaux, and crossed again with two imports from Hungary. These bloodline combinations have made pretty dogs with good genetic health and good temperament.

A healthy gene pool is always the focus; perpetually working towards turning out dogs that are heavy boned and structurally sound. The look of the classic Bordeaux shape with the curves and muscle is preferred over size — if I had to choose. High health and beauty standards are great, but I also have core ethical standards for breeding the Bordeaux female: She shall not have more than four (4) litters in her lifetime. Over-breeding is cruel! Also, she shall not be bred before age two (2) or after age six (6). Breeding accidents happen, but we must do our best to keep a good standard of living for our dogs.

I am gratified to show my dogs to so many people on my website. These Bordeaux shown online are of my bloodline, although they may not all be owned by me. For example: the stud dog, Cato, belongs to my parents. My prices are competitive, and I guarantee your satisfaction with sound policies. Thank you for looking at the site. I look forward to our commerce and our discussions.